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Featured Review Abdallah overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2614 SR
3100 SR

took 2 days but thats alright

Expert Boosting Team

We will definitely try to do better next time. Thanks for your feedback.

Featured Review laizee overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2317 SR
2750 SR

Super good communication he responds really fast chose the champions that I wanted him to play with. Just all around good website will be using it more in the future. please add more games other than overwatch

Expert Boosting Team

Cheers! We have some games except overwatch but it's under another sites ;) You can see them on B77 boosting facebook page!

Featured Review Lephoenix overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2929 SR
3050 SR

I'm always impressed by their work, 2929 to 3050 but I'm not resting on it, for me the goal is to adapt to diamond to be able to reach it quickly, by facing the better in becoming better

Expert Boosting Team

Thanks for review friend!

Featured Review gavindavis overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2470 SR
3050 SR

Ole was a bit rude and aggresive sometimes ANdrik21 was the best and a nice guy

Expert Boosting Team

Hello! He ain't working with us anymore because of this, thanks you for feedback it make us better! :)

Featured Review Marie209 overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
1148 SR
1400 SR

very helpful and friendly, great service =) thankyou!!

Expert Boosting Team

You're welcome! :P