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Featured Review basahai overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2512 SR
3000 SR

First of all, I would like to apologize for being rude at the beginning of the order, which I was angry at that time for the delay. Also, for the booster himself I have nothing against him, he or she seems like a nice person and professional. However, my reason for not being 100% satisfied is the time delay. Also, there are no live chat in this website or 24/7 service which most of the website today have. But the whole experience overall is okay.

Expert Boosting Team

We are going to add Facebook Messenger as a live chat option. We also support our customers in their personal dashboard through intrasite chat. Sorry for the so-so experience, and thanks for your feedback.

Featured Review Clementine overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
838 SR
1600 SR

Was quick and replied quickly as well!

Expert Boosting Team

Cheers dude! :)

Featured Review Shrek3OnDVD overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2371 SR
2550 SR

Friendly person and was very fast

Expert Boosting Team

Thank you, working for ya :)

Featured Review Cheezy1212 overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2252 SR
2750 SR

Very fast. Ty

Expert Boosting Team

Always do as fast as possible! Thank you

Featured Review Daniel Joseph overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
10 games

Friendly and active in chat to let me know how the order is going.

Expert Boosting Team

That's all about us! thanks for feedback!