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Featured Review Tttrouble overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
1500 SR
2700 SR

I had a great experience and would highly recommend the booster I worked with. I really appreciate how he kept me updated in his progress. I also really like the progress meter on the website. Only thing I’d say in terms of polishing your website is the following: During registration when typing in your email and password, instead of email-> confirm email-> password-> confirm password-> your sites flow went email-> password-> confirm email-> confirm password-> Which is just unusual and feels less professional. Also for whatever reason when I tried signing into my account it would say wrong username/password but if I clicked refresh I would be signed in anyway, so maybe something to look into. All in all, thanks a bunch though!!

Expert Boosting Team

Oh mate, thanks for huge feedback! Can't ask for more, a great customer :)

Featured Review Walter overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
1662 SR
2275 SR

Booster started promptly, and worked all day to get 1662-2295 SR. For the speed, cost, attitude and efficiency I am happy. For what I am unhappy: -The "Match history" function was not working as intended, and I was not able to watch the progress as it occured. Only +228SR worth of games is "shown" in the match history and it totals as 2 matches. -Other issue is that the booster used Heros I had not selected... and now after playing since season 1, I'll have to explain to my friends why suddenly I have massive Zarya stats though I've never played her. I wanted to use your service for Support too, but now I'm unsure. I hope to receive feedback from email soon.

Expert Boosting Team

We are sorry to hear that booster didn't use the selected heroes. We will look into this case and contact you soon.

Featured Review Sombae overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2305 SR
2700 SR

It was a little rocky to start. There was little communication in the beginning and I got confused a lot. Over all the booster was great, kudos to subby for being super understanding when i got confused too. There was even a mishap with my brother and despite the big drop in sr, the order was completed. My only real complaint (and this has nothing to do with Subby) is just the communication system through out the whole site. Still I would certainly buy again, and plan to!

Expert Boosting Team

What an awesome review, thank you mate!

Featured Review basahai overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2512 SR
3000 SR

First of all, I would like to apologize for being rude at the beginning of the order, which I was angry at that time for the delay. Also, for the booster himself I have nothing against him, he or she seems like a nice person and professional. However, my reason for not being 100% satisfied is the time delay. Also, there are no live chat in this website or 24/7 service which most of the website today have. But the whole experience overall is okay.

Expert Boosting Team

We are going to add Facebook Messenger as a live chat option. We also support our customers in their personal dashboard through intrasite chat. Sorry for the so-so experience, and thanks for your feedback.

Featured Review EK overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2027 SR
2700 SR

I'm very with this service! As this was my first boost ever I was a little hesitant to try at first, but any worries I had quickly disappeared once I saw how quickly xZ3R0 took my order. Within a few minutes he got to work climbing on my account and finished about 65% of the boost over the course of about six hours. I had to log off to sleep and I woke up to a completed order. Keep xZ3R0 around - he's a very good booster and professional.

Expert Boosting Team

Oh thanks for kind words! love it :)