Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, we answer basic questions about how our Overwatch 2 boosting service works.

Main Questions
overwatch boosting questions

What happens after payment?

You will be redirected back to the page of our client area, where you can register an account on our service. It takes a couple of minutes. After that, your order will go to our database, where carefully selected boosters will be able to take your order for boosting. Then you will find yourself chatting with our friendly Overwatch 2 pro. The whole process for most orders takes no more than 5-10 minutes.

overwatch boosting questions

Who will play on my account?

We only hire players who were able to score GrandMaster+ Tier on thier OW 2 accounts. We carefully check the candidates for the reality of this rating. In the process, we ban boosters that violate our internal rules, such as chat with client’s friends without permission, toxic behavior, or taking an order without being ready to start a boost.

overwatch boosting questions

What is your Refund Policy?

We do full refunds before the start of the boost if for any reason you change your mind and decide to not to use our services. If the boost has already begun, we will calculate a partial refund for you.

overwatch boosting questions

Will my account got banned?

At the moment, we have not encountered cases of ban for Overwatch 2 boost. Perhaps this can change, but at the moment everything looks very safe.

overwatch boosting questions

What happens if my account is close to demotion when I purchase this service?

If we happen to demote on your account after only doing wins or 60%+ win rate, meaning that your account was already close to 20 losses before you purchased, we will adjust your order accordingly or you will need to add-on to your order before we can complete it.

overwatch boosting questions

How Win Boosting Works?

We are selling net wins essentially, so for each loss you are getting another win. Each win counts as +1 and losses as -1. For example if you purchase 7 wins and we lose the first 2 games we play, we will then need to win the next 9 games in a row to complete your order. Additionally if our booster happens to claim next rank, for example from silver to gold, we deduct one win from desired amount of wins, for example if you bought 7 wins on silver, and booster already claim gold with just 5 wins, there only will be 1 win remain.

overwatch boosting questions

How long will it take to complete my order?

This is usually really fast. Most small orders with 200-400 Rank length end on the same day. The speed of execution depends on a number of factors such as the length of the order, the desired rating and your mmr. Duo orders are also executed longer than solo orders, so duo orders require you and your booster to be ready to play at the same time.

overwatch boosting questions

Is it possible to make the booster play on the heroes of my choice?

Yes, we provide such a service as an extra option. It is currently free and enabled by default. You will be able to choose the heroes that the booster will play after the purchase in your personal area.

overwatch boosting questions

How does your support work?

Our customer support works every day. We work with our customers through intrasite chat in the customer area, facebook messenger and email. However, our support does not work 24x7, so the response time can reach 8-10 hours. But usually it is much faster.

overwatch boosting questions

What if I want to change the booster?

You can drop your booster in your personal area and return your order to the base where another booster will take it. Also we ask you to contact us if for some reason your booster did not suit you or did something inappropriate.

overwatch boosting questions

Which regions and platforms are supported?

We have no problems with the American and European servers on the PC. Some delays can occur on consoles and oceania, as these types of orders are rare.

overwatch boosting questions

How does the loyalty program and promo discounts work?

You get a loyalty program level upgrade with a certain amount spent. There are five such levels. At each level, we will provide you with a unique coupon code that gives a constant discount on our services. You can share this coupon with anyone and after the first purchase his/her level of loyalty will increase to yours.


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