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Featured Review Buddypal overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2425 SR
2700 SR

I'll start off by saying that the service is pretty phenomenal. The boosters are professional and friendly and the price is super affordable. The only problems I really had were with the time it took for the boost to be completed. We were almost 44 hours in before it was finished. Giving it a 4/5 rating though. Great job, AE86_-D!

Featured Review yupyupyup overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
3487 SR
3775 SR

Despite playing a role not normally associated with the account they were exceptionally kind and motivated to keep me happy. They were very good with keeping me updated as well and got the job done extremely quick. If you want an awesome support player that can somewhat flex to other roles, this is your guy.

Expert Boosting Team

Thanks ofr kind words and a great feedback :)

Featured Review Jade overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
3000 SR
4000 SR

The first guy i got was not as responsive or professional about it and took far to long to complete the boost, although the second booster was very professional and friendly!

Expert Boosting Team

Cheers dude! You're welcome!

Featured Review RampantBeaver overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2303 SR
3000 SR

Took a bit longer than he said he would but it wasn't really a problem. Also didn't always play the heroes I selected but once again not a big problem. Overall did a good job.

Expert Boosting Team

Next time will be faster and of course with your heroes! Thanks for feedback

Featured Review LuckyLars overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
1736 SR
2350 SR

good player. but in process of my order i didnt update my current rank. just when it was finished it was updated. all in one, fast and nice service! recommend!

Expert Boosting Team

Thank you! Rating update could be done only by relogging to account, so we usually update it after game sessions :)

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